Mine Safety Training Quizzes
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Quizzes Can Improve Your Training!

Check out the New Quizzes  - Updated as of December 05

These quizzes can add to your training program by providing a way to assess your trainees level of knowledge. Questions and answers can also provide the basis of entertaining games designed to teach required mine safety topics.
Disclaimer: We have tried to make these quizzes as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but errors can occur. Please consult with MSHA's E.F.S. or you local MSHA district office if you have questions. If you find an error, please inform us at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page and we will correct it as soon as possible.

More Quizzes - Updated as of December 2005

45 Regular Quizzes sorted by topic into folders - 300k Zipped File

The above zip file contains 45 quizzes in MS Word format on both mine specific and General Safety Topics.


100 Quizzes on Mine Safety & General Safety Videos sorted by topic - 700k Zipped File

The above zip file contains 100 quizzes in MS Word format on both Mine Specific and General Safety Topics.


The individual quizzes below were updated as of November 2004. For more up-to-date quizzes, download the zipped files above and pick from 145 different general topic and video specific quizzes.

Surface & UG General Mine Safety & Health Quizzes

MS Word

PDF Format

Quiz Description

CFR 30 Part 50 CFR 30 Part 50 Quiz on Part 50 - Accident, Injury & Illness Reporting + Employee Hours.
Diesel Emissions Diesel Emissions Quiz on Underground diesel emission rules.
Diesel Emission Regs Diesel Emission Regs Regulations quiz for UG diesel emissions.
Diesel Particulate Rule Diesel Particulate Rule Quiz on the new DPM rule for Underground
Electrical - General Electrical - General Quiz covering common electrical hazards
Electrical Grounding 1 Electrical Grounding 1 Quiz covering Proper Grounding of Equipment
Electrical Grounding 2 Electrical Grounding 2 Another quiz covering proper grounding
Emergencies Emergencies  Emergency Preparedness - Answers are mine specific. You'll need to provide your own!
Explosion Hazards Explosion Hazards Quiz on things at your mine that can explode! It's just not explosives either.
Explosives Quiz for the Non-Blaster Explosives Quiz for the Non-Blaster Quiz on what non-blasters need to know about explosives.
First Aid Quiz 1 First Aid Quiz 1 Review your First aid knowledge using this quiz.
First Aid Quiz 2 First Aid Quiz 2 More Questions & Answers on First Aid.
Guarding Quiz Guarding Quiz General questions on Guarding
Ground Control Ground Control Quiz on Ground Control and Stockpiles
Haulage Roads Haulage Roads Quiz on proper haulage road construction/use
Hazard Communication Part 67 Hazard Communication Part 67 Test your trainees knowledge of MSHA's new Part 47 HazCom rule.
Hearing Conservation Hearing Conservation Test your trainees knowledge of MSHA's Part 62 Hearing Conservation rule.
Lockout/Tagout Lockout/Tagout Quiz on the all-important Lockout/Tagout.
Mine Gasses Mine Gasses Quiz on Mine Gasses Surface and UG.
Mobile Equipment Mobile Equipment List what you know in the Mobile Equip quiz
Respirators Respirators Quiz on the need for and proper use of respirators.
Respirator-Air Purifying Respirator-Air Purifying Quiz on air purifying respirators
Rigging for Lifting Rigging for Lifting Quiz on proper rigging techniques for lifting loads.
Surface Recordkeeping Surface Recordkeeping Recordkeeping at Surface M/NM mines.
Truck Haulage Truck Haulage Quiz on truck haulage best practices.
Welding & Cutting Welding & Cutting Quiz on welding/cutting hazards

Video Based Quizzes (Surface Mines & General Info)

MS Word

PDF Format

Video Description

Confined Space Confined Space

Video Title: Confined Space Safety II
Length: 25 min. - Vendor: Tel-A-Train

Conveyor Operation Conveyor Operation

Video Title: Conveyor Operation & Safety
Length (Minutes): 11:00
Vendor: Colorado Division of Minerals & Geology

Crane Safety Crane Safety

Video Title: Crane Safety
Length: 16:00 - Vendor: Summit Video

Backhoe Safety Backhoe Safety

Video Title: Crawler Excavator Safe Operating Techniques
Length: 23:00 - Vendor: Vista Video

Electrical Safety
Trades Version
Electrical Safety
Trades Version

Video Title: The Shocking Facts About Electrical Safety – Trades Version
Length: 12:26 - Vendor: Detroit Edison

Exam of Workplace Exam of Workplace

Video Title: Examination of Working Places in Crushing & Screening Plants
Length: 11:00 Vendor: Colorado Division of Minerals & Geology

Fall Protection Fall Protection

Video Title: Fall Protection in Mining
Length: 13:00 - Vendor: Florida State Grants Program

Hazardous Chemical Determination Hazardous Chemical Determination

Video Title: Conducting a Chemical Hazard Determination - Length: 12:00 - Vendor: Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA)

Hazardous Chemical Information Hazardous Chemical Information

Video Title: Chemical Hazard Information
Length: 17:00 - Vendor: MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) VC 971

Hearing Conservation Hearing Conservation

Video Title: What Hearing Loss Sounds Like.
Length: 12:60 min - Vendor: Summit Video

Highwall Safety Highwall Safety

Video Title: Ground Control & Highwall Safety
Length: 10:30 - Vendor: Colorado Division of Minerals & Geology

Highwall Safety - The Sky is Falling Highwall Safety - The Sky is Falling Video Title: The Sky is Falling
Length: 38:00 - Vendor: NIOSH
Lockout of Mobile Equipment Lockout of Mobile Equipment Video Title: Lockout/Tagout of Mobile Equipment
Length: 25:00 - Vendor: Vista Video
Maintenance Person Safety Maintenance Person Safety

Video Title: Maintenance Person Safety
Length: 13:00 - Vendor: The Training Network

Mine Hazard Training (General) Mine Hazard Training (General)

Video Title: Hazard Training for the Mining Industry - Length: 17:00 - Vendor: MSHA

Respiratory Protection Respiratory Protection

Video Title: Respiratory Protection – Air Purifying Respirators
Length: 12:00 - Vendor: Summit Video

Video Based Quizzes (Underground Coal & M/NM)

MS Word

PDF Format

Quiz Description

Underground Electrical Safety Underground Electrical Safety Video Title: Underground Electrical Safety
Length: 18:40 - Vendor: NIOSH
Underground Coal - Electrical Safety Underground Coal - Electrical Safety

Video Title: Electrical Hazards in Underground  Coal Mines
Length: 13 - Vendor: NIOSH

Underground Coal Haulage Underground Coal Haulage

Video Title: Haulage Accidents in Illinois Underground Coal Mines. Length: 10:00 - Vendor: Illinois State Grants Program

Explosives Explosives

Video Title: Handling Explosives in Modern Underground Mines . Length: 15:00 Vendor: NIOSH

Haulage Hazards Haulage Hazards

Video Title: Underground Haulage Hazards
Length: 12 min - Vendor: MSHA VC875

Haulage Hazards II Haulage Hazards II

Video Title: Hazards in Motion with Wayne Brenner Memorial Tag
Length: 34:00 - Vendor: NIOSH

Blasting in M/NM Mines Blasting in M/NM Mines

Video Title: Underground Blasting in Metal/Nonmetal Mines
Length: 17:00 - Vendor:  MSHA

New Diesel Regulations New Diesel Regulations

Video Title: New Diesel Regulations for Heavy Duty Vehicles
Length: 15:00 - Vendor: MSHA - VC-944

Rock Bolting Rock Bolting

Video Title: Zen and the Art of Rock Bolting
Length: 33:00 - Vendor: MSHA - VC-972

Rockfall Prevention Rockfall Prevention

Video Title: Preventing Rock Fall Injuries in Underground Mines. Length: 20:00 - Vendor: NIOSH

Roof Fall Geology Roof Fall Geology

Video Title: The Geology of Roof Falls
Length: 20:00 - Vendor: MSHA - VC-941

Roof Support Roof Support

Video Title: Miner Mike Saves the Day – or Ground Support … It’s Important.
Length: 33 minutes - Vendor: MSHA - VC956

Safety (General M/NM) Safety (General M/NM)

Video Title: Underground Mine Safety. Length: 26 min. Vendor: Colorado dept. Minerals & Geology

Self Rescuers Self Rescuers

Video Title: Efficient Method for Donning SCSRs (Ocenco), or CSE SCSR-100, or Draeger SCSR.
Length:12 min, 8 min, 9 min.
Vendor: MSHA VC914, VC883, VC912

Small UG Mine Safety Small UG Mine Safety

Video Title: Underground Mine Safety
Length:26:00 - Vendor: Colorado Division of Minerals & Geology

Stop Rock falls Stop Rock Falls

Video Title: Preventing Rock Falls in Underground Mining
Length: 20:00 - Vendor: NIOSH


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