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HTML Browser Based Safety Games

These games are "zipped" for easier downloading. (Explanation of Zipped Files)

NEW for 2005! For Surface MNM Mines.

Three, complete, Ready-to-Play, Jepardy Games!
(Can still be used for Coal and surface areas of UG mines.)

Click here for 3 Completed Games (in one Zipped file - 700k)

Mine Safety JEPARDY - Blank Write-your-own Version
(2.0 Mgb Zipped File)

Click here for directions and additional explanations.

Jepardy 1999 Game (Zipped - 301k)

Jepardy 2000 Game (Zipped - 545k)

Click here to see example of game. 

New Tic-Tac-Toe Surface Mine Safety Game
(325 k Zipped File)

Click here for directions and additional explanation.

Click here for an example of what the game looks like on your browser.

Click here for a text file explanation on how to write your own questions.


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